A Very Poor Wardrobe

A Very Poor Wardrobe


I don’t usually fret about my attire but next week requires some thought.

I’m lucky enough to attend all different kinds of events these days: from Rock nights (jeans) to Ladies’ Luncheons (dress), from Church Services and Rotary Clubs (smart) to Sponsored runs (warmer gear required) to our Ball (when I get the chance to push the boat out and wear the kind of regalia you’d not normally see me in). I’m a leggings and baggy top kind of girl with a ponytail.

Tuesday sees the press launch of the Storytelling project in the Great North Children’s Hospital. There are no guarantees that all the press/TV/Radio will appear but the Henry Dancer Days T-Shirts will be pressed (or rather dried flat!) and put into use in order to ensure that our rainbow logo is seen. Terry Deary (the Horrible Histories author and a very nice bloke) is to join us as advocate for the project so I’m hoping his name will pull press and media in. All very well but, do you wear a smart jacket over the T-shirt or not?!


Wednesday, I’ll be at Villa Real Special School in Consett where I’m Vice Chair of Governors. I LOVE this school and classroom observations can require shoes off and sitting on the floor with the kids (remember comfy trousers and the non-holey socks, Jane!)


On Thursday we’re attending the Newcastle Building Society’s Cornerstone of the Community Awards, having been nominated in 2 categories. (Posh frock alert! Nice knee-length red number – currently searching for bag to match outfit….. oh, black will do.)


Friday – off to Leicester for the Bone Cancer Research Trust Trustee meeting on Saturday. Not easy. Do you go for business-like or casual? I think by then I won’t care and the other Trustees certainly won’t mind, as long as I keep the minutes tidy. Besides which, I won’t have anything clean left by then so it’ll be pot luck!!


All this from a dyed-in-the-wool Tomboy. I never imagined myself thinking in this way. Oh yes, and my fringe needs cutting, THAT’S why I couldn’t see what I was typing!!!



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