Primary bone cancer is a rare type of cancer that starts in the bones, unlike secondary bone cancer which spreads to the bones from another part of the body. Osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma are the most common types of primary bone cancer in young people. Osteosarcoma is most common, affecting teenagers and young adults more than any other age group, and is most commonly found in the lower thigh, the shin bone and the upper arm. Ewing’s sarcoma is also most commonly found in teenagers and usually starts in the pelvis, thigh or shin.

The following sites provide useful further information about primary bone cancer and the support available.

CLIC Sargeant

CLIC Sargeant nurses refer children with primary bone cancer to us for grants. CLIC Sargeant is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and provides specialist support across the UK. 

The Cord Blood Center

Cord blood can be used in stem cell transplantation to treat dozens of dangerous conditions. Cord blood banking involves collecting and storing stem cells just after birth for use in medical treatments.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan aims to improve the lives of those with cancer, providing support throughout the treatment process.


The Willow Foundation provide special days for seriously ill young adults aged 16-40. 

Sarcoma UK

Sarcoma UK aims to increase awareness of sarcoma and fund ground-breaking research. They promote early diagnosis and the improvement of the patient experience. They also offer a national support line.

Adele’s Memorial Fund

Set up in memory of Adele Puckrin, Adele’s Memorial Fund helps families to make the most of the time they have left together with a grant for a special treat or an item to make life easier. 

Josie’s Dragonfly Trust

Josie’s Dragonfly Trust helps young cancer patients and their families to create precious and lasting memories. 

Bone Cancer Research Trust

The BCRT is dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer through research, aiming for a future where it is cured. They provide high-quality information and a supportive network.