Award Winning Charity (in a cocktail bar…)

I “was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar”……..

The Human League – 1982


On Tuesday, our storytelling project appeared on Tyne Tees News in the morning, the 6.30pm and 10 pm bulletins. All of the regional press covered the story in the next few days. Terry Deary (Horrible Histories) was an absolute gentleman and, along with Shelley O’Brien (our regular storyteller) had the kids both completely absorbed and helpless with laughter.

My favourite quote of the day was from Terry himself who commented, “Hearing a child laugh is worth more than selling 100 books”. A joy! See our Facebook page or follow this link to the item.


During all of this excitement, the Henry Dancer Days Trustees attended Newcastle Building Society’s Cornerstone of the Community Awards at Linden Hall Hotel on Thursday evening. I worked as a cocktail waitress there in the 1980s when the Human League were topping the charts, and it’s still as lovely as I remember.


We had bubbly on arrival and discovered we had won the Branch Award before the hot buffet! After dinner, we discovered that we were also runner-up in the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation Award category. It was a humbling event as there were so many people doing amazing things for their communities.


SO the red frock mentioned in last week’s blog was worth the purchase – and it’ll do for Christmas!


By the way, I wore a baggy hoody and leggings to the Bone Cancer Research Trust meeting on Saturday – no-one batted an eyelid! Thanks guys.


From your ‘award winning’ charity.



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