Back to Work…

So, the festivities are over and we all head back to work and normality…

As we return I’m reminded of those who worked throughout Christmas and New Year. Even more so I’m reminded of those families who just wish they could know what ‘normal’ is again. They would give anything to dismay over the end of PJ days or the early morning rush, rather than the relentlessly harsh reality they must face.

‘Q’, Henry’s lovely oncology consultant, told us at diagnosis:

You had your lives before this, there’ll be life during and, hopefully, life afterwards.

Life afterwards isn’t at all that I’d hoped for or could ever imagine. Those we support are going through things you don’t even want to begin to think about.

Thank you to everyone who has helped Henry Dancer Days in 2016. Thank you to the companies, community groups and local businesses. Thank you to the event organisers, students and interns. And thank you to the wonderfully mad people who set themselves challenges and to those who sponsored them!

Please continue to help us support traumatised children and families in 2017. Christmas and the season of giving might be officially over, but the need for charity and your support is as important as ever.

To Donate

  • Easyfundraising allows you donate as you shop online but costs you nothing. Simply set up at an account at and don’t forget to download their donation reminder to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to give a lot more for a lot less!
  • Text Giving is up and running, the simplest way to give up to £10: text ‘HENR11’ and the amount to 70070 to donate (e.g. HENR11 £5)
  • If you’d like to hold a fundraising event please contact Jane at

STOP PRESS! Henry Dancer Days Ball – Saturday 20th May 2017


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