Coronation Street cancer story line – a rant!

Following the confirmation that Coronation Street’s Hope has Neuroblastoma, a source told The Mirror: “Producers have gone to great lengths to understand as much about this cancer as possible.”

The Science bit ….

The MacMillan site explains that Neuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer of the neural crest cells. These cells are involved in the development of the nervous system and other tissues.


Corrie writers may well have used some medical information but seem to have forgotten to consider diagnosis or how families are affected.


The unlikely bits…

  1. Cause for concern regarding Hope’s illness was initially raised by a receptionist in a+e while the family were waiting for a friend. There are some fantastic receptionists out there but, as we all know, they are usually horribly pressed for time and certainly not oncologists.


  1. Fiz and Tyrone went to the pub for ‘time out’ after three days. Henry and I were in hospital for a week after the initial Xray, which was how we discovered his form of cancer, then spent most of the next year living there. As one mother I know commented, “I was still in the ward in same clothes three days later, certainly not out at a pub!”


  1. One real cancer family discovered their child had the same condition this year. Sadly he left them five weeks later.


Daily Mail writer, Jaci Stephen wrote saying that the storyline was badly done – she’s right! This is a very sensitive area and, to those living the reality, hugely disappointing and patronizing.


I realise that soaps have a need to sugar-coat true life and am pleased that Corrie has highlighted the issue of Childhood Cancers BUT the Radio Times explains that, in July,  “it was reported that – in order to portray Hope’s story as sensitively and accurately as possible – Coronation Street had consulted the charity Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance, as well as medics and parents who have been diagnosed with the cancer.”


Why, then did they not listen or use the FACTS?



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