Coronation Street Cancer Storyline-Rant 2

Coronation Street Cancer Storyline Rant No 2

So poor Hope in the Coronation Street cancer story has had an infection and had to stay in overnight. Awfully worrying for any oncology parents but one night? The Mums I know are up in arms. We did a poll and the shortest stay was 3 days and the longest was 10. Overnight? I don’t think so.

Added to this her Dad, Tyrone abandoned his tow truck at the hospital entrance. Yeah, right – like he wouldn’t be stopped before going in? People are frequently warned away by anonymous voices over tannoy systems. We’re supposed to feel sorry for him receiving a £300 fine for its removal. Gary and I received a speeding fine (34 in a 30 zone) on one occasion and didn’t give a damn! We’d both had been forced to give up work by this stage and our finances were dire but this was SO insignificant in the circumstances.


Wrong, just wrong.


Infections are awful. Henry had tens of them. We worried that we weren’t keeping the house/our hands/Henry’s wounds clean enough or that our cats were spreading bugs.

In reality, we were told, the infections are often already in the body – it’s simply that a compromised immune system is unable to cope with them. Henry’s varied from mucusitis (awful mouth and digestive tract infections when he couldn’t eat) to a whole-body rash which was never really explained but necessitated a 10 day stay and only improved once intravenous anti-biotics were withdrawn(!?)

Oh yes, and nearly every kid wears a sick-bowl as a hat at some point!


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