Donation received in memory of one of our lads, Harrison Ledsham

Harrison Ledsham photo blog Mar 16 (2)Harrison Ledsham was one of our lads. We featured him when we first supported him and his family with a trip to London. Sadly he left us at the end of 2015.

Last week Karen, his Mum, contacted me to say that there was a donation on its way from his school, Haydock High. The school had been fundraising and Karen and Paul (Dad) wanted Henry Dancer Days to accept it in Harrison’s memory.

I truly admire Karen and Paul. They’re still in the very early days of grieving for their gorgeous son, Mothers’ Day was about to hit and yet they still thought of helping others.

The donation, when I opened the envelope, was for £1000 – a wonderful sum. They know that it will go a long way in helping other families make memories together when finances are tight.

THANK you to the lovely Ledshams!


Jane, (Henry’s Mum)


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