We provide grants to children and young people aged under 18 who are undergoing treatment for bone cancer throughout the UK. The patient and family can use the grant in whichever way they feel is most appropriate and of most benefit to them. To date, we have supported over 400 families by helping to provide:

  • Transport to hospital
  • Winter heating bills
  • Days out as a treat for the patient and family
  • Exercise bikes to aid physiotherapy
  • Technology to enable patients to contact their friends when in hospital or when their immune system is compromised

Karen Ledsham lost her son, Harrison, to bone cancer last year.

“We will be forever grateful to Henry Dancer Days because of the memories we now have. The money we received enabled us to take a trip London. It was somewhere Harrison had always wanted to visit but we just hadn’t got round to booking it. Then with his cancer diagnosis and the fact we both stopped working, money was very tight.

Harrison was so excited when we told him we were going to London and started to plan exactly what we were going to do. I told him we needed to get a photo of him at the Thames to send you while we were there. That’s all he talked about, so on the first day we walked down and he had his photo taken at the side of the Thames.

We all had a fabulous time in London and we definitely wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for Henry Dancer Days. It’s so important to have things to look forward to and to have some nice things planned when your child has cancer and we wouldn’t have been able to afford to go if you hadn’t given us the donation.”


After being diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, 15-year-old Sarah lost a lot of weight due to treatment and began suffering from anxiety. She could only cope with 2 hours of schooling a week, otherwise feeling unable to leave the house by herself without her Mum.

She decided to spend our donation on clothes as nothing fit her anymore due to her weight loss. Her Mum sent the following message after they had been on a shopping trip…

“Sarah is so happy. I was having a shower this morning when she knocked on the door to announce that she was taking her dog for a walk in some of her new gear… on her own! This is her first time alone since the age of 12… three years! A HUGE step! Clothes that fit her tiny frame have given her a new found confidence! She smiled all day… and hasn’t stopped. 

I was amazed when she announced that she was going out by herself. I stood in the shower and wept. It’s a massive step for Sarah.

What a difference your kindness has made. It’s immeasurable.”


“When I was 16 I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer in my leg. The outlook was not great since 10 tumours were found in my lungs… it was very hard to look on the bright side and it was even harder to put on a brave face for my parents, family and friends. I was not suffering alone as my mother had to travel a lot to and from Manchester as she also had my siblings to take care of. My illness was not only taking a toll on our family emotionally but also financially.

The money that was donated to me by the incredible people at Henry Dancer Days has helped our family immensely. The financial burden on our family was made lighter and I could also spend some of that money on gadgets and outings with my family.

Donating a small amount of money may seem insignificant but you are helping shine a light of happiness in a incredibly dark and devastating time in someone’s life. You have helped a seriously ill child smile and create happy memories that, unlike our bodies, will forever stand the test of time.”


Lucie, aged 8 from Newcastle, had just been diagnosed and, like many others in this situation, her family had to stop work to care for her. Expensive hospital costs such as petrol, parking and food were all adding up alongside their usual bills. Our donation not only helped them through this difficult time but also meant they could buy Lucie something to make her happy.

Lucie’s thank you card to Jane read…

“Thank you for making me rich! My Mummy cried, but I think they were happy tears.”


A keen cricket player, Callum was diagnosed with Bone Cancer on his 14th Birthday. He is now playing for England with the bat we bought for him!

“I had 6 months of chemotherapy and I had my knee replacement done in July 2009. I never thought I’d play cricket again. Chemo was very tough but because I was young I just got on with it and never gave up… I’ve not stopped playing cricket since and I’ve done a lot of fundraising and achieved things I never thought I could. I helped get the drug MEPACT accepted by talking at NICE. I also carried the Olympic Torch in June 2012 in Burnley which was a great honour and I was named Britain’s Kindest Kid by Channel 5 after my story and my fundraising. My biggest achievement would be achieving my dream and playing cricket for England. I am currently preparing for my 2nd International tour to go and play Pakistan in a 6 match series in Dubai.”

For more information on how to apply for a grant, please click here.