jane and harry cropped“The Secret O’ Life is enjoying the passage of time. Any fool can do it, there ain’t nothing to it.” James Taylor.

There have been several 18th Birthday parties of late. I’ve been delighted to be invited to some of them and witness Henry’s friends passing another milestone.

At George’s party at Lanchester Cricket Club, a mature gentleman made a point of coming to ask me if I was, “One of the parents”. Ouch! I just said, “Yes” in reply. (The poor man didn’t need to hear the whole story.) He went on to tell me how impressed the regulars are with their behaviour and politeness whenever they visit. I took great pride in this, even though I’m not, directly, one of the parents at all.

We’ve had three weekends of parties on the trot: George’s do, Joe’s Mum’s Birthday Party and then the Ball. I’ve enjoyed dancing and singing with the families and their young men at each event.

Our Charity Ball was my personal party for Henry and so much fun. Henry’s closest friends amazed me with their talents and we raised £1800! As my friend Vicky commented the next day, “There was a lot of love in that room.” She’s right.

Six years ago, Harry and Cameron spoke at Henry’s funeral and Joe and George wrote words to be read out by my friend Susan. We called that day a “Celebration of Henry’s Life”. I know that the guys are now mature enough to know that the last thing on my mind was celebrating, for all I’m genuinely grateful that he was here with us for 12 short years. Henry was my joy but we all lost him. I hope they know that we parents tried to make it easier for them in the way we dealt with letting him go.

Last week, Harry spoke again: giving an honest and moving speech for his friend and a summary of the charity’s work.

Please watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHWZmD3R314&feature=youtu.be

Look at these young men just before Henry was diagnosed and now. The pain of Henry’s loss will never leave me. Nor will it leave the lads. Thank you for being fabulous friends – you help me see what good taste he had in mates! The video of Cam, George and Joe’s band will follow soon. You’ll be amazed at how good they are!

the boys 2009 croppedThe boys cropped







R.I.P to one of our lovely young ladies, Shannon Hughes who left us last week. I can only hope that we helped, briefly. You were, and are always, gorgeous. xx


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