Why do I always forget?


I’ve done it again!

I’ve been feeling rather fraught and stressed and couldn’t work out why.
Yes, it’s been that time of year when I’ve had two Trustee meetings on the trot (our own and Bone Cancer Research Trust’s) which always result in an inordinate amount of paperwork and email activity.
Yes, we’ve already had double the amount of fundraising events in the first six months of this year as we had in the whole of last year and; yes, a holiday is well overdue.
However, it was only when Harry’s Mum, Tanya sent me a lovely text saying that they were thinking of me as the A Level Results came out that it clicked…. this is another milestone missed by Henry. I’d emailed the lads the night before wishing them luck saying that, no matter what happened, they’ll always be brilliant young men in my eyes, but just hadn’t appreciated that this is just the sort of event which knocks me out of kilter.


George and Joe open the all important results

I did this when they got their GCSE Results, felt a little stab each time one of them passed their driving test and nearly lost the plot on the night of our meal for his 18th (sorry guys – you’ve rarely seen me with a tear in my eye) so I should have realised that this might happen. Still, I feel much better for knowing what’s been up with me.
Even better was hearing my gorgeous Godsons’ results – they’ve all got into their first choice of University and I’ve lost count of the As and A*s! Each text or email from them put a bigger and bigger grin on my face. Well done lads and enjoy your next step on the road of life.

(Oh, and please could you remind me why I’ll be a gibbering wreck when you leave to start your courses?!!)



(Henry’s Mum)


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