Our Interns – The Voice of a Marketing Intern

I’m fortunate to have 2 interns over the Summer from Durham University; Alice and Dan. Dan’s working on Marketing (keeping this old technophobe right!) and Alice is focusing on the charity’s systems and helping with Project/Event Management (she has some great ideas and is a joy to share my office at MAC Security with).

Here, Dan shares initial thoughts…..

Sitting here in seat 24b on an outbound flight to sunny Valencia really does give me time to reflect on how lucky I am to be able to go on holiday whilst many under 18 year-olds with primary bone cancer remain stuck in hospital for the summer. It’s easy to take things for granted as an undergraduate, and the different voices I’ve heard whilst working at Henry Dancer Days has broadened my awareness of how many people can be affected by just one case.
I say voices because, as an English Literature Student, I find listening to the words and the personal experiences of others to be the best way of learning about primary bone cancer and the huge differences that generosity can make. In fact, I am in the middle of digitally recording the voices of those closest to Henry, as well as those within the different spheres of the charity to fully communicate the communal impact of osteosarcoma and the importance of the work we do. Watch this space!
I began working alongside Jane and a fellow intern, Alice, in the middle of June to enhance the profile and fundraising of the charity. Fortunately, for me, both girls are very kind in giving me lifts as I still haven’t managed to find time to get my driving licence! After wandering around Lanchester and Consett for the better part of two hours, I managed to track down the office and attempted to present my ideas whilst Jane and Claire jumped in at intervals with impulsive brainwaves and questions. Twenty-five minutes and two cups of tea later I finished rambling much to Jane’s relief and have now made my mark by updating the charity’s social media profile following our success with Children in Need!
I hope to keep up the marketing work by initiating the Henry Dancer Days’ youth panel and kicking off the Voices Project. After helping me move my things from my room at the College of St. Hild and St. Bede to my new house with two car journeys, I think Jane will agree that we make a great team.

Alice, our wonderful Intern, from Durham University

Alice, our wonderful Intern, from Durham University

A huge thanks goes to Dan for this blog and for referring to me as one of “the girls”.  It quite made my day!

Jane xx


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