Just call me The Godmother!

I’m still reeling from the excitement of this week – becoming Godmother to 4 wonderful young men.

Henry’s closest pals, Cameron, George, Harry, Joe and their families asked me to take up the role as I was clearing up after our Ball in April – you could have knocked me down with a feather (or rather, the balloons I was collecting from tables at the time!). SUCH an honour. The idea is that we’ll remain part of each other’s lives in the longer term. (I’ve made it clear that the contract does NOT include student bar bills!)


It all took place at Lanchester Methodist Church after the main service: Deacon Tracey Hume (Cam’s Mum) led the service which had been specially created for this unusual situation. We then moved on to the home of Richard and Sarah Hume for a ‘bring and share’ lunch. There was enough for even the appetites of the many teenagers present!

Following this, George visited our office at MAC Security and Fire on Monday to be interviewed with his Mum as part of our Durham University intern Daniel’s “Voices” Project. (More of this anon!) As George left he jokingly said “Bye, Godmum” with a hug – SO lovely!

On Tuesday Harry and I travelled to BBC Newcastle to be interviewed as part of Radio 4’s ‘The Listening Project’ due for broadcast after September. The Producer commented, “All I had to do was sit there and tingle! It’s one of the most uplifting ones I’ve done!” Harry was extremely open, thoughtful and honest. Thanks Harry.

Cam and Joe are heading to our office next week for their parts in Dan’s “Voices” project. It’ll be great to hear what they have to say.

I feel incredibly lucky to have these lads in my life and am grateful to their wonderful families!


(Henry’s Mum)



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