Rainbow AltarFriday 27th May, 2016 saw me attending the Leavers’ Liturgy for Henry’s year group.

What an amazing group of young people. The readings and music were fantastic and watching those young adults taking their next step out into the world was very moving and uplifting.

The themes, running throughout were colour and hope. One reading ended with, “The Rainbow is a sign of hope and friendship for tomorrow.”

Some people have been asking why rainbows feature so strongly in relation to Henry. In the book ‘348 Days’ about Henry’s illness I write about the day of his death, when I finally left his room.

As a small boy, Henry had told me that he could see “invisible rainbows”. I don’t know whether this came from a story or a song. I don’t want to know. I’m simply aware that as a 3 or 4 year old it mattered to him. Having said that we should always stay in touch, once he’d left us that morning, I looked out from our window and there was the most fantastic rainbow across our valley – a “doubler”! I like to believe that H was doing as I’d asked and playing his part in keeping in touch. He certainly was as beautiful as any rainbow to me.”

He always will be and I hope that the hope and friendship of his spirit go out into the world with the 2016 Sixth Form Leavers, as well as Henry’s friends.

Once I left the Church, I needed some time to breathe and reflect. I therefore headed to Malton, a favourite haunt for Henry and I. (It usually involved chocolate eating too!) I was delighted to see these little chaps peeking out of the greenery


PS Congratulations to Cam, Joe, George and Harry on being presented with the Rotary Club Special Service Award for being great advocates for the school and Henry Dancer Days.
PHOTO (L-R Rotarian President, President Elect with George, Harry, Joe and Cam)

Rotary Award


The Lees carry the rainbow on in the Great North Run as they wear giant foam ones!!



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