“So here it is, Merry Christmas…”

“So here it is, Merry Christmas…”



It would be easy to be rather ‘Bah Humbug’ having lost Henry (who always made Christmas special for us) and particularly this year as Gary’s working for most of the holidays, including Christmas Day.

My friend Anne Marie (Mrs “I love Christmas”) and I exchange messages online. Hers are very jolly and seasonal. Mine consist of “It’s still November!” and pictures of Batman Punching Robin for wearing a Christmas hat.

I agreed to Gary putting a tree up then began to plan for the Festive Season. For some reason, I’ve always fancied peeling vegetables for a charity lunch since I was young so decided that this will be the year when I do something for others.

On came a lightbulb…

Christmas Day in hospital is rough.

Christmas Day in Hospital on chemo or being treated for a resulting infection is even tougher.

Being a child having horrible things ‘done to you’, or a parent watching your son/daughter going through treatment or post-surgery is the cruellest way to spend ANY day and December 25th becomes even more poignant in this context. Many of the parents will push to the back of their minds that this may be the last time that their child will see a Christmas. I know that we did.

SO girding my loins, I posted on Facebook, “Can you help me gather toys to give to children in the Oncology Ward at the Great North Children’s Hospital?  I’ll deliver them personally on Christmas Day.” Within an hour I had 4 offers of collecting points in Co Durham and Northumberland and incredible interest. The following day, I bumped into one of our supporters delivering a gift with his son and received lots of requests for more information.

If you can help, we have 3 drop off points: 

  • Lanchester: Hanley and Swinbank – by Dec 21st
  • Consett: Perspective’s Office at Prospect Business Park in Leadgate – by Dec 21st
  • Morpeth: Craft Event at Town Hall on Dec 5th and Dec 9th c/o Barbara Ross

It’s humbling.  Selfishly, I suspect that this will be one of my most memorable Christmases and it’ll certainly help me to cope better: I know that Henry would join me in wishing them all well.  I can only hope that we bring a little sunshine to a difficult day for others. – no-one deserves to be in their shoes, whether Santa’s been or not.



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