Washing Machines, Friends & Life

It’s been one of those weeks! Attending so many events for Henry Dancer Days, a girl has to keep up with her washing (although luckily I do have several Henry Dancer Days t-shirts in case you were worried!). So when the washing machine not only went on strike but decided it was time to give the kitchen a good old flooding, it was time to call on the troops – my wonderful friends.

My thoughts inevitably drifted back to when Henry was ill. My friendship base was so, so important. Everyone was so lovely and wanted to help, to know how Henry was doing. That was when I devised the e-mail list. I would e-mail the people on the list with updates on what was happening – that way nobody got offended if I didn’t update them, but also I protected myself from being asked the same questions again and again (that sounds selfish, and it’s not supposed to).

Back to washing machines … life has a habit of throwing day-to-day irritations at us, and that was the same when Henry was ill. No, the world didn’t stop turning and yes, I wanted it to at times! And back then, when the bathroom flooded, or the car battery was flat or that big heating bill came in, or we had to wait for the snow plough to clear the way so we could get to hospital, it was worse because Henry had cancer. And I guess that’s where Henry Dancer Days started to come to life. It’s what we’re about – making life a tiny bit easier for the young patients and their families. Last year we provided grants to give a Henry Dancer ‘Day’ to over 90 families. On top of that, we funded storytelling projects to 400 patients in the RVI, making their stay a little more bearable and a little less boring. I’d like to thank all my mates, friends, buddies (or whatever they wish to be called) for doing my washing last week, but also for the continued support and love over the years.

I’d also like to thank my lovely hubby, Gary for bringing his five weeks’ washing home with him so that he can also test-drive the new machine.

Jane xx

(Henry’s Mum)


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