BBC Children in Need awards one of largest ever grants to North-East charity

18 months ago we were featured in local press and media as we’d received one of the largest ever BBC Children in Need awards. So how are we doing?

I’m delighted to say that we now have Storytellers in 7 hospitals throughout the UK.  It took a while to work our way through NHS systems but we’re there! In addition we have a Pottery Lady who works in the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle creating masterpieces with young patients, a Coordinator (Alison Lister) who manages the Children in Need project and, in March this year, we appointed our first Fundraising and Development Coordinator, Sheela Bell.

We’re a different charity now to what we were initially. Our grant giving remains at the heart of our work: helping families of kids with Primary Bone Cancer enjoy trips and memory making or helping with household bills and travel. (We’ve given out over 450 grants to date.) However we’re now much bigger, helping young people with all forms of cancer have a few sessions of fun during treatment across the nation.

Our Trustees have grown in number and skill-sets. They’re still a small but perfectly-formed group who generously give their time and advice to “The Mum that lost her son to cancer” who still feels that she’s making it up as she goes along!

Thank you to everyone who has helped “Team Henry” get to this stage: from my Husband and family to the companies and Trusts who have helped us along the way to those who have fundraised for us or are gearing up to this year’s Great North Run and other challenges.

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate – I just wish that Henry was here to witness it.


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