LEGO – every mum’s nightmare! Whether finding small pieces of plastic in the hoover or hurting your feet on those you missed when cleaning up, mums of boys will know this feeling.


Washing machine mop and bucket

Washing Machines, Friends & Life

It’s been one of those weeks! Attending so many events for Henry Dancer Days, a girl has to keep up with her washing (although luckily I do have several Henry Dancer Days t-shirts in case you were worried!). So when the washing machine not only went on strike but decided it was time to give the kitchen a good old flooding, it was time to call on the troops – my wonderful friends.

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Memories are made of this…

Saturday 2nd July was the Memory Day for Newcastle’s Children’s and Teenage Cancer Wards. It was held in the lovely grounds of Houghall College in Durham.
Gary and I have gone for the past 5 years. It’s a moving ceremony and we never cease to be amazed at the number of people attending, reminding us of how many are affected by the loss of the young people who left us far too soon. Continue Reading →

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