I’m an extremely happy bunny.


It’s just been confirmed that Henry Dancer Days has been successful in a bid to Children in Need. We’re to receive funds to support the Storytelling Project in the RVI’s Paediatric Oncology Wards.

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jane and harry cropped“The Secret O’ Life is enjoying the passage of time. Any fool can do it, there ain’t nothing to it.” James Taylor.

There have been several 18th Birthday parties of late. I’ve been delighted to be invited to some of them and witness Henry’s friends passing another milestone.

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Henry dancer days 1My name’s Fran and I’m lucky enough to run a small business called Perspective. In early 2015, Harlands Accountants introduced me to a lady called Jane … I was told I’d get on with her very well, and the rest is history! Continue Reading →

Sucker punched by a phone.

Usually, as bereaved Mums, we manage to muddle through.

I’m a member of several groups and we agree that some days we tread water, on others we wade through treacle and, on yet others, we just disappear beneath duvets or blankets.

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Emily and Samantha at last year

Diary for the year ….. SO FAR!!

Emily and Samantha at last year’s Durham Big Ride

We’d love to see you at one or more of our events as we fundraise.  

I decided that it was time to sort my calendar out and got a rather big surprise as I saw just how many events are planned by other people, as well as those I’m setting up personally  Continue Reading →

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