Mothers’ Day – A Son’s Story

This could be another ‘Bah Humbug’ moment. Like Christmas, Mothers’ Day is a tough one without Henry but I seem to be gathering a series of surrogate sons, which helps (I’m also lucky in having Sarah, my lovely step-daughter in my life.)

Ayman was one of our first charity beneficiaries. As you’ll see, he’s an extremely thoughtful and eloquent young man who’s been through more than most people his age. And continues to cope. Continue Reading →

Words you never think will apply to your child…..

There are some words you never want to hear. Hearing them is the worst thing in the world but when they apply to your only child it is so much worse – your whole world is turned upside down and torn apart in the blink of an eye.

Here are just some of the things I heard in the space of 348 days and the emotions I felt when I heard them…

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Corporate Partnership Launch

Do you run a small business, or have a friend who does?

We can help them meet their Corporate Social Responsibility aspirations with our new Corporate Partnership project. Businesses will have use of Henry Dancer Days’  unique Corporate logo as well as other PR benefits (and certain other options which can include Ball Tickets to our Annual extravaganza at Beamish Hall in April)

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Beeps and bleeps – Life with an IV Drip.

You know that feeling when you’re just dozing off? You’re snug and warm and can finally relax?

Imagine then that there’s a machine, 3 feet from your face, beeping the same aggravating high pitched 3 notes over and over and over. A curtain swishes open and a torchlight illuminates the machine (an IV Drip) as someone turns the beeping off…

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Jane & Henry

Happy Birthday Big Guy…

SO…This is my least favourite time of year. We lost Henry in early November and his Birthday is on January 10th. It’s dark, cold and, this year, very wet – to the point of terrible floods in Lanchester.

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Planning an online splurge? Read this first!

Christmas Day has been and gone and I had a ball in the Great North Children’s Hospital playing Mrs Claus.

So here we are on Boxing Day – many of us will start to feel stir crazy in the house and have had the traditional family argument over the Monopoly/Scrabble board or gaming session.  Time, then to start looking at further shopping opportunities in the Boxing Day and January sales. If you’re planning an online splurge, please remember that when you use you can raise donations for Henry Dancer Days without any extra cost or effort.

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