A Dream Come True

Karen Ledsham and I are members of a club which no-one wants to join or ever imagines they’ll be a part of. Karen lost her son, Harrison, to bone cancer last year.

I got in touch with her and asked her what she feels a grant means to the families who we help:




“We will be forever grateful to Henry Dancer Days because of the memories we now have. The money we received enabled us to take a trip London. It was somewhere Harrison had always wanted to visit but we just hadn’t got round to booking it. Then with his cancer diagnosis and the fact we both stopped working, money was very tight.

Harrison was so excited when we told him we were going to London and started to plan exactly what we were going to do. He was also very interested to learn about the charity, why they had given us the money and most importantly who Henry was. I told him we needed to get a photo of him at the Thames to send you while we were there. That’s all he talked about, so on the first day we walked down and he had his photo taken at the side of the Thames.

We all had a fabulous time in London and we definitely wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for Henry Dancer Days. It’s so important to have things to look forward to and to have some nice things planned when your child has cancer and we wouldn’t have been able to afford to go if you hadn’t given us the donation.

That’s why we thought about giving something back after Harrison had died. His school had raised money for him to get a better prosthetic leg and when they asked us where we’d like the money to go after he passed, we couldn’t think of anywhere better. Knowing that Harrison has helped a little is of great comfort.”


Thank you, Karen, for your lovely words. The knowledge that we’re now supporting 260 families who are as grateful as you are helps to keep me going. Thank you for thinking of us after Harrison left us with a kind donation too.


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