Heated Seats and Warm Hearts

“Have you wet yourself, Mum?”

I’ve had to say a sad farewell to ‘Dennis’, the lovely SsangYong which Dennis Common kindly provided for the charity. Whilst I await the next car, they have loaned me a Subaru. Henry appeared by my side the first time I drove it.

I’d completely forgotten that when Henry was well, we had a car with heated seats. Like many parents, I had to change it after his diagnosis to accommodate crutches and his wheelchair.

Henry loved to trick me with the seats. He’d wait until I was concentrating on driving and switch mine on, particularly on hot days. After allowing enough time for me to feel the warmth, he’d laugh, saying “have you wet yourself, Mum?!”. I’m sure many of you know exactly how this feels and can imagine just how hysterical Henry found it! It soon became a game, each of us trying to catch the other out, chastising each other when it was far too hot to play it.

Dennis, the lovely SsangYong which Dennis Common kindly provided for the charity

As I drove home, having collected the Subaru, I experienced the same feeling. I must have knocked the button for the driver’s heated seat as I plugged in my seatbelt. I smiled, and said, “thanks, mate – at least it’s cold enough to merit it today!”. Travel songs and games that we once shared accompanied me on my way home, resulting in both my delight and tears.

You’re still with me, my sunshine, and I hope you could feel it when I put the passenger side seat on!



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