Love to the broken-hearted


Today we’ve made a large donation to Kieran’s Legacy Fund for research into Ewing Sarcoma as we like to support research but also wanted to give something back to a young man, Kieran Maxwell, who gave so much of himself to Henry Dancer Days. He’d hoped to attend our Charity Ball in May but was too unwell. I sent him the “Gold Individual Ambassador Award” with which I’d intended to present him at the event in recognition of the time and effort he’d donated to our charity. His Mum, Nicola, told me that he was chuffed when he got it.

As many of you will have seen and heard, last weekend was a particularly difficult one as we lost the lovely Kieran on Friday and also Emma Cosgrove on Saturday. Emma was a stunning 19-year-old who’d fought Osteosarcoma (the cancer which took Henry) from the age of 12.

Henry Dancer Days has worked with both families and this has been a particularly hard blow. Several people have remarked that this must “bring it all back” to me. Yes, it does, but it also makes me all the more determined to help families experiencing what we’ve been through.

Supporting research is one element of what we do but I like to think of Henry’s charity as wrapping people up in a warm blanket of care and love as they endure what most people can’t begin to imagine. We also want to give the kids some fun and a break from boredom through our distraction projects. Research is badly needed but the conditions won’t go away quickly, unfortunately, so Henry Dancer Days will continue to grow and be there for those suffering.

With love and thoughts to the families and friends of Kieran and Emma.



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