To a lovely little girl in Lanchester……

My last blog was a sad one and the tough news of those suffering from Henry’s condition continues to arrive, with 2 of our beneficiaries relapsing recently. There are days when it feels like wading through treacle. That said there are moments of delight associated with running a children’s cancer charity.

I was visiting a friend in our nearby village and parked up outside her home. I was aware of a small girl on a scooter zooming down the road behind me so took extra care as I reversed into the space. Sensibly, she’d stopped and was staring hard at the car. As I got out, she fist pumped and called, “Yay! Henry Dancer!”

I don’t know the young lady concerned and she must only have been a toddler when Henry died. Her response was so genuine and full of delight at seeing the logo on my car, knowing what it meant.

All I could think of in reply was, “Thank you, sweetheart.” I couldn’t explain the joy I felt in knowing that Henry’s name means something to even those who didn’t know him when he was here and that her reaction was everything I could hope for, and more.

Little things can mean so much.


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