Jane Nattrass

Charity Director

Jane Nattrass is Henry Dancer’s Mum and the charity’s founder and coordinator. Prior to his illness and death, she worked as an Arts Consultant with clients including Arts Council England, The Association of British Orchestras, Youth Music and Trinity College, London. Once Henry became ill, she had to stop working and realised that her experience would be of more use in supporting children with cancer. Soon after he died, she set up Henry Dancer Days in his memory. She is also Vice Chair of Governors at Villa Real School for children with severe, profound, medical and complex learning difficulties. Jane can be contacted on 07947668993 or by e-mail (jane@henrydancerdays.co.uk).   

Jane has been named one of the most inspiring people alive in the North East 

Sheela Bell

Fundraising and Development Coordinator

Sheela Bell is the charity’s Fundraising and Development Coordinator. Sheela has a background in both cultural event management and fundraising, and has worked in the North East charity sector for 10 years. Sheela can be contacted on 07494409029 or by e-mail (sheela@henrydancerdays.co.uk).



Alison Lister

Children in Need Coordinator

Alison Lister is a highly experienced producer and consultant, with many years experience in managing and programming festivals and events  in the arts and cultural sector. She also has a great love of  storytelling and is acutely aware of the art-form’s untapped potential  within the health sector. Alison can be contacted on 07860818845 or by e-mail (alison@henrydancerdays.co.uk).



Joanne Ratcliffe


The Great North Children’s Hospital also benefits from visits from Jo who helps children paint works of art which she fires and returns to them as a keepsake. Both children and parents have told us that the pottery sessions help them to relax and forget where they are for a while. One Mum commented, “It’s something we look forward to every week, if I’m being really honest, it’s the only thing I look forward to being stuck in here so long.” Jo was also Henry’s Godmother – he thought she was great!





Our Trustees

Our Trustees are volunteers from different walks of life. Their variety of experience brings a depth and breadth of skill which benefits our charity.

Claire Foster-Matthews

Chair of Trustees

Claire is the Chair of Henry Dancer Days and Managing Director of MAC Security & Fire.


A professional manager with 15 years’ experience within the Security and Fire industry, before which she worked within the recruitment and retail sectors at senior management level. Claire has two boys, Fergus and Lucas.  Claire’s eldest son, Fergus, was at Lanchester EP at the time of Henry’s illness.  Following Henry’s death,  Claire was given a copy of Jane’s book, 348 Days. From there she became a strong supporter of the charity and subsequently was invited to join the Board of Trustees.

David Nairn

Trustee and Treasurer

David is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser. After qualifying, he established his own
Practice which eventually merged with North East-based Rowlands, which is now part of the expanding, nationwide Baldwins Accountants Group. David’s professional experience of charity accounts and audit brings great experience to Henry Dancer Days. 

With David’s practice having acted for Henry’s family for many years prior to his illness, David was keen to support our charity once it was established. He has two sons, one of whom is the Captain of the England Physical Disability cricket team. The team includes a Henry Dancer Days beneficiary and they have supported our charity in their fundraising.

Dr Sally Slater



Sally, a local GP, is a close friend of Jane. Their friendship spans about 24 years and they have supported each other through many of life’s trials and tribulations. Many tears and laughs have been shared over the years. Whilst feeling rather inadequate, Sally attempted to support Jane through the greatest life event of all, the death of her beloved son Henry. Sally was delighted to be invited to be a trustee of the Henry Dancer Days charity set up by Jane in Henry’s memory.

Clare Chillingworth


Clare Chillingworth is our newest Trustee. Clare has an extensive background in fundraising, having worked at the University of Cambridge and more recently at two local hospices in the North East. Her current role is the Trusts & Foundation Fundraising Manager at the Bone Cancer Research Trust. In her spare time, she looks after her two young boys, one crazy Beagle and enjoys all things outdoors. Interesting but useless fact about Clare: she is also a qualified, but non-practicing, physiotherapist (and promises not to offer any advice!).