Old Masterpieces







A self-portrait of a 3-year-old turned up in a pile of paperwork when I was clearing out my office. There followed handprints and footprints and pictures of our home and Henry’s favourite toy at the time.

All “ouch!” moments.

Children’s drawings and paintings adorn the walls and cupboards in many a kitchen and are often discarded to make room for replacement artwork. Henry’s masterpieces formed a little booklet he’d made at nursery. It’s a lovely memento to see, even 16 years on.

When he died, his Year 6 teacher, the lovely Mrs Grayson, sent me a package containing work he’d completed at the end of his primary school years. The look on her face told me that there would be something special. I pored through maths, history, stories and science with joy. Then I came upon the last item in the parcel… it’s been on my office wall ever since.


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